‘That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight…’ REM

I wrote a blog yesterday about trying to find the positives of being a head. It was after I’d written a few pretty dark pieces about the weight and stress I sometimes feel. I have always done this as Old Primary Head… People said nice things about it. I felt happy. But, this twitter exchange from people I really admire really got me thinking:

Tom Sherrington ‏@headguruteacher  2h2 hours ago:

“@MrsPTeach @emmaannhardy @johntomsett We’ve gone so accountability crazy, the plot’s been lost. Needs a kind of arrogance to stand up to it.”

Tom Sherrington ‏@headguruteacher  2h2 hours ago:

“@emmaannhardy @MrsPTeach @johntomsett @ChocoTzar @PrimaryHead1 @theprimaryhead I think we need less anonymity to lead change.”


I am not that old. 45. I have blond hair. I like The Fall. I am a heterosexual male… I vote labour… I used to play Dungeons and Dragons… How far do I go?

I am passionate about education and leadership. There, focus again…

There was a good article in The Times (I read THE TIMES) yesterday called ‘Twitter and the perils of oversharing online’ It talked about the age of internet shaming and misguided messages that ruin lives. It was scary. So, what’s my NAME?

Slim Shady…

You see anonymity, I thought, allowed me to write with a freedom. I could blog about governors, parents, social services, Ofsted and the DFE without holding back on what I feel… But, this is a myth. I cannot say what I want. I can only write a carefully guarded version. I don’t want to stumble blindly into a twitter storm. I don’t want to lose my job over one misguided phrase… I don’t want to bring my school into disrepute… I just want to be part of this amazing profession. I want to be standing in the ring and not watching the show from the cheap seats… I mean as Tom says we need to develop an arrogance to stand up to a profession that at times seems utterly out of control. I am not afraid… or am I? It’s bad enough when people do know my name and put me through hell… Imagine coming home and having to put up with that via Twitter? I totally  understand why WebofSubstance decided to shut down… So, what’s my NAME?


In truth, my anonymity is a joke. Anyone who has a BTEC in watching CSI could work out who I am. I went to Ofsted HQ as OPH… I am sure they scanned my face!

“I’m Brian”

In fact, maybe we are all BRIAN. My SLT are Brian, My NQT is Brian… Me and my school are Brian…

But, here’s the crux… who cares? What is in a name? As long as I am able to communicate and share – is that enough? Maybe not? Maybe I need to grow up and stop being scared. Maybe I need to stand tall by what I write here. Stand up and be counted like those who have a name.

So, Viva La Revolution… (My wife has proof read this for controversial sentences… It passed)