Thinking of using this space to do Thought for the Week about education issues that I do not want to blog about. In truth it’s a desperate tactic for when I have very little to say…I thought I could muse and reflect on stuff that I might not think to blog about… and keep the weekly thing going!

Just found this – can see why I never blogged it (must have been drunk when I wrote this?)

Master Teach – cutting edge

I am surprised no one has pitched a Master Chef approach to teaching yet. Individuals lining up to be crowned the King or Queen of the classroom.
Master Teach tm (I blogged it and therefore I own the rights) sets out to find the UK’s best teacher. Whether you are based in the traditional lemon drizzle tin or the progressive waste based cooking camp – we want you!
We start with the skills test:
“Right Colin, you have 15 minutes to teach The Closet scene from Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 4)… using the #HipHopEd approach.
I have thought this through…
Monica Galetti – I keep thinking @heymisssmith
John Torode – @imageenquiry
Gregg Wallace – @HYWEL_ROBERTS
Just bare with me… What? Where are you going?
Next, the Signature Lesson. 
This is where the teachers bring their flipped lessons, slow writing, reverse marking, MoE, P4C, show and tell, flexible feedback, choral speaking, vocabulary drills, flash cards, flowcharts, mobiles, field trips, quiz’s, puppets, brainstorms, timelines, and sellotaping children to a chair approach to the Classroom. 
Ok… it’s a stupid idea!