Old Primary Head


May 2015

Dear @NickyMorgan01,

This is a selfish letter in many ways. I have no idea if you will read it. But after reading @vicgoddard’s letter to you I felt that you needed to hear from head teachers and teachers directly. Too often I... Continue Reading →


Without Fear or Favour

@imagineinquiry @cherrykd @debrakidd have done a great transcript of the meeting where we all meet @HarfordSean from Ofsted... So, I’ll just have a ramble... It began with @emmaannhardy sniggering at me. I can recommend this as a rather pleasant experience... Continue Reading →

Turning Super Tankers- Can Ofsted Change Direction?

I have huge respect for @HartfordSean as one twitter frequenter to another – in the same way as I did for @mcladingbowl. I still remember the day, like dark wisps, that Ofsted materialised on to twitter. It felt fresh and... Continue Reading →

Are we failing too many SEND children in mainstream?

There are a small number of circumstances where I feel that mainstream education is unsuitable for a child. Even then I see many benefits when provision is integrated. This blog is about how it seems to me that too many... Continue Reading →

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