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Five things we must get right in education in 2018

‘Teaching is driving too many teachers to mental health problems’

‘As a headteacher, I used to think of the shame I’d face if I lost my job. It now just seems like a matter of time’

‘Leaders aren’t failing on behaviour – whatever people might say on Twitter’

‘So much rides on today’s Sats results – it threatens my wellbeing as a school leader’

Diary of Sats Week: It all started with a Special Sats Breakfast served with a slice of fear and a mug of uncertainty…

‘Teacher job security is tested by Sats and I have seen many fall, their lives destroyed and jobs lost – they are untenable’

‘The idea that heads must teach damages the profession and demeans the roles of both teacher and headteacher’

‘Why schools are perfect places for apprenticeships’

‘School leaders have become the instigators of our own downfall’

Top moments in the TES 2016

The Gift of Teaching

The Primary School Test Regime

League Tables Bleed the Curriculum

Policy is Nothing Without Practice

The Results Illusion

Dear Nicky Morgan