Old Primary Head


December 2016

Rolling the Dice – Why the current SATs regime must go!

As this year draws to a close I realise I no longer have confidence that the primary school testing regime is fit for purpose (I don’t think I am alone). I no longer believe that the results we see up... Continue Reading →

The Thousand Yard Stare – Some thoughts on the influence and impact of bloggers

I got a feeling inside of me It's kind of strange like a stormy sea The Damned - New Rose It is easy to get caught up in educations negative narrative net. I sometimes look to the left and I... Continue Reading →

The Skirmish Shanty of the Tardigrades and Other Myths

Over recent years @theprimaryhead and I have had numerous conversations about SLT and school leadership in general. It is a subject area we are both passionate about. We are struggling with the idea that the role is seen as unattractive... Continue Reading →

The Perils of Naked Leadership.

Would you walk naked through your town? Apart from the implications of madness and the attention of the law, it is very unlikely anyone would and yet as a school leader feeling naked in public is a common feeling. I... Continue Reading →

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