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November 2016

Other Voices – A chance to be part of an exciting new conference.

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to go to some excellent conferences. These have mainly been in the north; Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester and I have felt for some time that these fantastic events would be... Continue Reading →

Blood on the Keyboard

Prof: You know that song, "dur, dur-dur, dur-dur-dur, dur-dur-dur-dur"... that's your favourite, that is. That's your favourite no 1 song of all time. Oh, you've had a haircut. HAIRCUT! HAIRCUT! Lewis: See that Theo Kojak? That's you, that is.  Prof:... Continue Reading →

Future School Leadership Crisis – Any leader will do.

Read an interesting article in the TES by Helen Ward this week:  We'll need non-teachers to cope with the leadership crisis I just kept thinking are non-teacher school leaders a good idea? I may have a slightly biased view. There... Continue Reading →

Lead like a Hostage Negotiator – using crisis management techniques in our every day

It was a conversation with Tim Taylor (some weeks ago) that got me thinking about this blog title - that and some of the fun poked at the teach like and lead like idea.┬áTired and a little worn out after... Continue Reading →

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