Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to go to some excellent conferences. These have mainly been in the north; Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester and I have felt for some time that these fantastic events would be great if we could do something like them in the South West. Well guess what?

The opportunity to get involved in a conference for the South West is starting to get to the point that we feel ‘IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN’. We have brilliant people on board, a great venue and the beautiful city of Bristol as our ‘after conference’ playground. At the moment, it has a date, Saturday 1st July 2017, but no name: #ConferenceWithNoName as one of my co-organisers @theprimaryhead is currently coining it.

So, I have a job!

There are some very loud and powerful voices on the education landscape right now. We get to hear about what they are doing and how they are changing the world, ‘one lesson and one school at a time’. These are exciting times for change and, I believe, we are better for it.

There are also  ‘other voices’ out there with equally powerful messages. In education we are so often caught up in the complexities of life and teachers need empathy, knowledge and understanding to deal with the most complex of situations. These ‘other voices’ are a vital link to our profession and have powerful stories and lessons that I know will help the education landscape make sense of our purpose – more importantly they change lives for the better.

I am looking for people who have perspectives on children’s lives that are on the outer fringes of our everyday experiences, people with passion and purpose to make for a more just and sustainable education system (society) for all. If you think you could talk for up to an hour on subjects such as the following (Or anything that looks out for the ‘other voices’ out there):

  • Perspectives on our care System
  • Experiences of migration and school
  • Coping with poverty
  • Dealing with #childrenontheedge
  • Coping with trauma
  • Special Educational Needs

I know it sounds like a ‘tough’ section to the day, but I am looking for hope and evidence that will make the difference to peoples lives. I have already approached a few people (who are inspiring voices) and after a meeting on the 9th of December I will be able to send out emails to anyone who is interested to begin to get things together.

I am not sure what I can offer in terms of money at this stage except for travel and a bed to sleep in. But I can offer future links and a forum in which your message and your voice will be heard by many people in the education and learning community.

So, if you are interested and you feel you could share your knowledge and experiences and inspire others to take up your cause then please contact me, either via the comments section here or twitter.

Thank you.