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October 2015

Why Observation is Critical to Schools Success

There has been a lot of ‘debate’ this week about lesson observations based on the following ‘Starter for Five’ (Advice for new teachers) from mylifeasacynicalteacher. The post advised: Find out what the observers are looking for Give them what they want... Continue Reading →


Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: The Curse of Knowledge in Education.

The curse of knowledge is insidious, because it conceals not only the contents of our thoughts from us but their very form. When we know something well, we don’t realize how abstractly we think about it. And we forget that... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: The Rise of the Blue Print (otherwise known as Purple Pen Syndrome)

An over-reliance on past successes is a sure blue print for future failures - Henry Petroski I once worked with a head teacher whose school was graded outstanding and had the following opening lines in Ofsted’s letter to the children,... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership – The Basic Instincts of Governance

It was my first ever social with governors. It was my second year in teaching – All foppish hair, ideals and green ill-fitting corduroy jacket. I had a pint and we moved to the circle of chairs. There were seven... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: Attunement Part 2 – Making decisions in the spotlight…

“Fight! Brian, there’s a fight in the Nursery!” I make my way across the hall, in to the Nursery and my jaw drops. Two mothers are entwined on the nursery playground floor, faces red with hate, fingers digging into skin... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: Part 1: Attunement

This is the first in a series of blogs I want to write based on mistakes I have made in leadership and what this has taught me. My granddad used to mend broken TV’s and radios. I remember him peering... Continue Reading →

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