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January 2017

That Advert…

We are living in interesting times. My wife has rolled her eyes at me more times this weekend than in our 30 year relationship (we met very young). This is due to my insistence to get involved in ‘detention gate’... Continue Reading →

Whiplash – is it too late to avoid education’s crash?

This is hardly my most structured rant but I am increasingly concerned that education is in crisis. I keep hearing worrying stories and tales - this is a reaction to that. I have no answers - only more questions and... Continue Reading →

Looking in to cracks – Leadership Connectedness

I'm having a moment. I saw one word yesterday and it's decided to mess with my head. In truth there's not that much to fiddle with. @Hywel_Roberts delivered a Friday the 13th INSET yesterday that covered many things but it... Continue Reading →

Hopeful Schools – A Book Review

"Lead with hope not fear" Michelle Obama A few reasons why I love 'Hopeful Schools' by Mary Myatt 1: The chapters are not too long. I know, I could have started with a humdinger rather than an ode to my own... Continue Reading →

@Oldprimaryhead1 Nurture #16/17 Over the Rainbows

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high. I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. If Disney had done 2016 then they would take inspiration from the Wicked Witch of the West, the hunter who murdered Bambi's mother and... Continue Reading →

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