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Why Observation is Critical to Schools Success

There has been a lot of ‘debate’ this week about lesson observations based on the following ‘Starter for Five’ (Advice for new teachers) from mylifeasacynicalteacher. The post advised: Find out what the observers are looking for Give them what they want... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: Part 1: Attunement

This is the first in a series of blogs I want to write based on mistakes I have made in leadership and what this has taught me. My granddad used to mend broken TV’s and radios. I remember him peering... Continue Reading →

A NEW approach to Lesson Observations 2015/16

It's time to rethink the way my school approaches lesson observations again. I have not done traditional graded lesson observations for some time now and have flit between thinking this is a good and a bad idea. In truth I... Continue Reading →

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