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Why We Must Change the Work Culture in Schools

I have been pondering this one for some time. I have no new answers. I do have a perspective and a will to do something about it though. I am in the middle of a wellbeing survey of teachers at... Continue Reading →

Autumn Leaves on the Twitter Playground

At times twitter feels like some demonic binary beast. An imaginary world full of traffic flow, night and day, as phantoms pass by catching the odd glance or, every now and then, stopping to take a longer look. As in... Continue Reading →

Why I Think Parents Should Not Have the Power to Sack The Headteacher

“I pity the fool who stands in the way of a parent and their child’s happiness…” If Mr T was Education Minister he may have said this, gold chains dangling in the setting sun casting light across his angry sneer.... Continue Reading →

#ChineseSchool – The Formula for TV Success

On Tuesday night I read the many #Chineseschool tweets thinking, "What is this trying to prove?" That a particular teaching method is better than another? That British children are unruly? That British teaching makes British children less able to learn... Continue Reading →

Bully Bully! Why you hate your SLT

Of Bullies and Accomplices: Over the years it has become clear to me that the word bully is a very powerful one. It's origins from the 1500's come from the word "sweetheart" ( What a journey!  In the 1600's it... Continue Reading →

Press Post and Duck – All teachers are lazy, good for nothing…

Right that got your attention. Firstly, to set the record straight, SLT's should support teachers so that they can teach. It is a no brainer. I have spent my last 10 years as a head doing this. To all the... Continue Reading →

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