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Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership – The Basic Instincts of Governance

It was my first ever social with governors. It was my second year in teaching – All foppish hair, ideals and green ill-fitting corduroy jacket. I had a pint and we moved to the circle of chairs. There were seven... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: Attunement Part 2 – Making decisions in the spotlight…

“Fight! Brian, there’s a fight in the Nursery!” I make my way across the hall, in to the Nursery and my jaw drops. Two mothers are entwined on the nursery playground floor, faces red with hate, fingers digging into skin... Continue Reading →

A NEW approach to Lesson Observations 2015/16

It's time to rethink the way my school approaches lesson observations again. I have not done traditional graded lesson observations for some time now and have flit between thinking this is a good and a bad idea. In truth I... Continue Reading →

Why I Think Parents Should Not Have the Power to Sack The Headteacher

“I pity the fool who stands in the way of a parent and their child’s happiness…” If Mr T was Education Minister he may have said this, gold chains dangling in the setting sun casting light across his angry sneer.... Continue Reading →

The Promise of a New School Year

I wasn’t looking forward to it but once it started it felt great to be back at school this week. At first it was a little like being in the Banksy Caravan Simulator - familiar but disorientating. But as the... Continue Reading →

Holiday! Celebrate!

“There is more to life than making a living. Do not work more than you live." Mokokoma Mokhonoana What is it about taking term time holiday that gets so many people hot under the collar? Holiday's are an education. Holiday's... Continue Reading →

Gone in 15 Seconds- The thin line between Outstanding and RI

* MYTH BUSTING NOTE: Early Years settings need to have a registered manager and this is not the case for maintained schools which are not regulated in the same way and would have their nursery seen under a section 5 inspection with... Continue Reading →

Singing Punk Songs on the Way to School – first draft ‘thought piece’ on Punk Leadership in schools

I do fear for the generations of people who came of age thinking that pop-punk is what punk is, and that all the rebellion you need is just to stick your tongue out in the mirror every once in a... Continue Reading →

Why You Will be in a MAT by 2020 – The new schools financial black hole.

It hit me last week that schools have changed dramatically in the last 5 years. The best two decisions I feel I have made this year were employing our own HR and engaging fully with lawyers for all manner of issues.... Continue Reading →

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