I went and did it! OPH… I now refer to myself as an acronym. What a conceited thing to do. Well, seeing as these nurture posts are all about ‘the ME’ I thought I’d go and do it. If you want to ‘twitter slap’ me you are welcome.

Twitter Slapping:

This year I have really noted the ability twitter has to lift you out of the doldrums or inner destruction that leadership clothes many of us with . There have been occasions this year where I have felt the weight of my role dragging me down in to self pity only for a passing comment or reflection to refocus me or engage my ‘positive drive’ and set me off once again with the tanks full. The ability people (even those you do not know) have to lift you up is one of humanities secret super powers. I think we need this positivity in education more than ever. I now walk around with a placard  which reads, “Up the Positives!”

I have also observed the reverse this year. Petty arguments are very difficult to resolve in 140 characters. There have been times where I have been close to quitting this community due to horrible behaviour. My daughter is in the cute cats, unicorns and butterfly stage of her life. I want to be in her world (even if that makes me a little doolally) , not the cantankerous, poisoned and angry world of certain voices. It amazes me why and how people are just so angry, possessive and unable to let things drop. I fell in to this trap part way through the year… I am now proud to say I am getting much better at keeping my mouth shut when the smoke starts to thicken and the alcohol spills over in to personal attacks.


Have really enjoyed blogging this year (writing and reading). My regular reads are not particularly new or revealing:

@theprimaryhead (He makes me laugh – especially when he’s ranting!) as doies @tstarkey1212…

@thelearningspy (even when I only understand 20% of what he’s on about)

I also enjoy @HeyMissSmith,  @LeadingLearner, @ChrisChivers2 and @NancyGedge

I am writing more than ever… though blogging frustrates me because I only have an hour to write (it is my golden rule). I would love to spend more time writing. I am helping out with a book, hopefully this will produce better writing.


I am increasingly shocked at the detached and distant nature of the ‘school world’ from the people who most have influence over it. I have had many conversations with the DFE this year that have been difficult and utterly frustrating. We have offered them out to visit us (Including @NickyMorgan01) and have not even had an acknowledgement regarding the data inequality my school suffers. This stuff really matters to my school community and though @Carter6D and @Harfordsean both utterly see it and understand why I rant on about it, the people who could help us keep quiet. I will not let this go though… So more on this next year.


I have finally fallen in love with my school. It always takes a little time. Like any new relationship there are fun and games to begin with but there is also a little distance, a preparation ready to deal with the rejection. Then over time things become more natural, the relationship warms and the new becomes more familiar and safe. You go from explorers to settlers. I have gone through a transformation this year. I was initially attracted to my schools looks and potential and this quickly proved to hide ‘issues’ deeper down. I am now long enough in to the relationship to attend counselling for those issues. To face them head on and accept them for what they are. Our relationship has gone through some real challenges this year. It is because of those challenges that I am now in love with my school. I feel that ‘weathering’ the hardships is the only way through difficult times. I do not mean ‘solving’ hardships because that is not always possible. Too often in leadership we feel that we must find an answer, a perfect way out. More and more I have realised it is about resilience – finding your way again after the storm.


I want to write that bloody book! No, not an education one I have a great Science Fiction idea that has been keeping me awake at night for years.

I want to be a better father and husband.

I want to ensure I keep spending time on MY school but also ensure I grow as a leader by seeing and feeling what makes us better at doing ‘education’. I want to grow in my school community and be a better head teacher.

I want to keep up great friendships.

I want to understand SEND even better and ensure it becomes central to how we make education in this country the best it can be.

I want…

I want the moon on a stick!